Day 8: Running to Ancient Olympia

Today we visited Ancient Olympia, the home of the ancient Olympic Games. During our visit, we came to understand the true purpose of the Olympic Games, which was to worship the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. Eventually, the Romans turned these games into more entertainment, but the original purpose of the games was to worship Zeus. As we wandered the grounds it was hard not to be taken aback by the history that we were walking through and the impact that they continue to have on our lives just a day after finishing the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Today I was amazed to see the statues that I see in my daily life at Ross. But this time the originals. And honestly I was mind blown because i did not know they existed in real life. So just going to the archeological site andsomeone telling me that i was seeing the real Nike statue was just amazing. I just couldn’t believe it. There are some differences from the one at Ross and the original. The one at Ross is missing it’s head and arms and the original you can see the whole outline of the body but it has some chunks missing. But it was just amazing to stand where it really belongs and not in front of the high school building. And just seeing the temple of Zeus and all of the other statues was just out of this world. One of my best experiences!
– Ramiro G. ’21