Day 10: Come Sail Away

Today we went to sailing, This was my first time ever sailing and it was a great experience. We sailed to the island of Dia which is a empty island with only a few houses on it. The water was crystal blue and you could see through it with no problem. With the beautiful view, we had a good time on the way to the island and during the lunch time. This trip was really fun and also a really great experience, spending time chatting with your friends, having meal with the gorgeous view, and learning about how to sail. These were all memories we will never forget.
– Tim Y. ’21

In the morning of a sunny day, we walked from our hotel to the edge of the Mediterranean. In the beginning, we were kind of scared, but in a good way. People were worried about getting seasick, the boat, the weather, and how we are going to sail. While we were sailing on the Aegean Sea, I lost my seasickness gradually. After a few hours sail, we arrived in front of a small island called Dia.

When we got to the island, there seemed to be a boundary between the water near the island and the “wild water” outside. The green water and the deep blue water looked they would never get mixed. At the island, people walked from boat to boat and jumped into the water.

– Cathy G. ’21