Day 11: A Day in the Village


Today the weather in Crete is pretty nice and warm to go out for hiking. In the morning we got on bus hitting to a nice and peaceful village in the Lassithi Plateau. The scenery on the path looks tremendously gorgeous, which makes feel very astounding for it. On the path to the countryside, there was a large number of olive trees standing at the bottom of the mountain, which was very beautiful. I was extremely surprised when I heard that some of them were planted in 500 BCE. We walked a long way to the top of the mountain.  Though the journey is pretty tough and tedious, I found it is actually worth it when I was able to see such amazing scenery on the top of the mountain. I found a huge lake not far from the mountain. The lake looks like a huge mirror, peaceful and clean.  After having lunch in the local restaurant, we went back to our hotel. We are free for the afternoon and some of us went to the town for souvenir shopping. 

– Danny Z. ’18