Day 2: Interviews and Understanding Greece

Today we continued our work at school developing our skills as journalists. We began the morning thinking about interviews and the types of questions that we will have to ask while we are in Greece. In order to prepare us for this difficult task, we paired up with some Ross faculty, administrators, and staff to interview them for a hypothetical story. The students fanned out across campus and tried out different interviewing techniques: pen and paper, audio, and video.

Students also began to work on their first articles today. Each student started to produce an article that is an overview of a place that we will be visiting or a broader topic, such as history or geography. We will continue to develop these articles over the course of the trip. We ended the day by discussing one of Greece’s most pressing issues, the refugee crisis. We began to prepare for our visit to a refugee camp early in our trip. We discussed the origins of the refugee crisis and what we can expect when in Greece.

With that, the bags are packed and we are ready to go! The students and staff of the trip are extremely excited to get to start our journey tomorrow and hope that you will enjoy being along for the ride. Follow us right here on our blog for posts, pictures, and videos from our journey. You also can follow along on our trip Instagram: ross_school_greece2018 which we will be updating throughout our time in Greece!

Day 1: An Introduction to Journalism

Today was our first day of Field Academy. While many of our friends were already jetting around the globe, the Greece Field Academy settled into our home on campus in order to prepare for our travels. Our focus for the day was an introduction to journalism and Greece and the students explored topics such as story structure, writing ledes, interviewing techniques, and brainstorming possible story ideas.

We also met with Micah Danney, a journalist who has traveled overseas to Israel and Palestine to report on issues in that region. He discussed with our students some tips that they could use on the ground in Greece. We learned how to ask questions on difficult subjects and Micah’s process for writing a story.

Finally, we started to look at some of the issues that we will be learning about while in Greece – mainly the global refugee crisis. We viewed a part of the film The Human Flow by Ai Weiwei, which discusses the impacts and origins of the mass migration of people that is currently happening throughout the world.

Just 48 hours until we leave!

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the Greece Field Academy blog! We are so excited to go on this adventure and see Greece through many different lenses! This week we will be on campus learning about Greece, it’s history, it’s culture, and it’s people. We will also be studying journalism and going through a crash course in how to write a news article. We are excited for a great week on campus and we are already getting anxious about leaving on Thursday.

Follow along with our blog for the next couple of weeks, as we will be consistently updating this site with pictures, videos, and recaps of our adventures from each member of our group.

Thanks again for following along and we hope to hear from you in the comments!