6th day: Feb 27th, Tuesday

This morning, our group A went to the kitchen in Senior Building to make cupcakes. The ingredients and procedure were written on the white board by Ms. Borsack. We divided into two groups and started to follow the instructions. We made cupcake dough first. We put softened cream butter and sugar together and then used mixer to stir well. After that, we add two eggs into the mixture but one at a time. Then we slowly poured the mixture of baking powder, salt and flour into the paste as well as vanilla extract. “Vanilla makes everything tasty, you can put a little bit more,” Ms. Borsack said.  After a long time mixing, the paste looked stick and moist, which is a good sign for delicious cupcakes. The last thing is put paste into cupcake molds and put them into oven to bake for 18 minutes.

The second part was making cream cheese icing for cupcakes. It was much easier than the process of making cupcake bread. It was just a mixture of soften butter, cream cheese, powered sugar and a little bit more vanilla as always. We just kept mixing then we got white icing. We even modulated pretty colors for some icing in order to decorate the bread colorfully.

For group B, my friends were still working hard on the knitting like yesterday. Some of them wanted to finish knitting their own scarf. I can see it is an extremely hard craft skill and it requires lots of patience. My friends were “tortured” by knitting wool and still trying to figure out. Good luck to them.

As a little comfort, we brought our cupcake to them and enjoyed a little break after this busy morning. We use colorful icing to decorate our own cupcakes and then ate them with Mami’s delicious tea. How nice it was!

At afternoon, we all worked on either our individual project or knitting. I believe we all had a great and productive day

By Dawn Shiya Zhao

5th day: Feb 26, Monday

Today during the on-campus course Made by Me, we did something fun!

In the morning, Ms.Borsack and Mami taught us how to make a natural, preservative-free lip balm. We were able to choose what kind of ingredients we want in our personalized lip balm. For example, there were four kinds of oil that we can use for the lip balm, such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil.

And also we can choose what wax we want to put in our product. The original recipe used bee wax, however, if we want to be vegan, we could also choose to use soy wax.

First step of making our own lip balm was to measure out the amount of ingredients by following the recipe. We had a hard time on getting the coconut oil out of the container since it was in a solid form. After we measured out the ingredients, we melted the coconut oil with Shea butter which was also an important ingredient for the moisture of the lip balm. We then added some bee wax into the melted liquid, and we also put a little bit of vitamin e oil. After the ingredients were fully melted and mixed together, we added the essential oil to add a little bit scent into the balm. I chose to add lemon oil.

Once we finished stirring the essential oil into the liquid, we poured our mixture into the lip balm containers quickly because we don’t want it to solidify too fast.

After the lip balm turned into solid, we put on the caps and we decorated the container with little stickers and labels. This was my first time making my own lip balm and it turned out great.

The second group project that we did in the morning was handmade earrings. By following the instructions that Mami mentioned, we started our little designs. Honestly it was much harder than the bracelet that we made on our first day, however, earrings were things that I interested more. I used some of my favorite pinky beads and rose gold wire to create a pair of drop shaped earrings. I got some time left so I also made a matching ring for the earrings. I learned some new techniques for my independent project and I had so much fun today.

by Rena Yu



4th day: Feb 23rd, Friday

Today we were divided into Group A and Group B again. The work that Group A needed to do was a dream catcher. They stayed in the High school classroom to work on it.

I was the member of Group B and our mission was to make cookies downstairs of senior building.

It was an easier to bake cookies than I thought.

We had many ingredients, such as sugar, flour, eggs, and baking powder.

First, we put soften butter in a bowl and mixed with sugar, then added eggs and vanilla extract. Second, we put flour, salt and baking powder in another bowl. All of them need to be mixed together in one bowl, then kneaded to make cookie dough. After that, we made shape of cookies then put them in oven.  Dawn and I made lots of special shapes, such as person’s face or Chinese and English character. Dawn also tried to make pants. We also made many strange colors of icing sugar.


After we finished all the cookies, Group A came from far away. They put different icing sugars in their own cookies.

In afternoon, we did our independent project.

There was a special event happened… Mami found out the bracelet that she was making was not long enough. The reason why was that Jessica cut strings for Mami and said it’s fit confidently. Mami spent almost half day, but didn’t fit her at the end.


We had cookies for dessert after lunch, and we all enjoyed what we made–but at the end of the class, there were still a lot cookies left. Mami had a “meeting” with us to help everyone find their cookies and told us that we can’t waste.

We finished today by a relaxing wellness class!    

By Alice Ruojia Wang

3rd day: Feb 22 Thurs

Today is the first day that we started to do our individual project. In the morning we divided into Group A and Group B again. Group A, which I am in, went to making dumplings first, then we made our beads bracelets later. Group B made the Scrubs first, then they made their bracelets by using threads. 

From 8:00 to 10:00, it is the time for we to make dumplings. Here is steps.

Step 1: put the meat stuffing on the dough 

Step 2: add water on the dough edge to make it wet. 


Step 3: close the dough. 

Step 4: boil water and put dumplings into the pot.

Step 5: After water boils add some water repeat this step three time. 

Step 6: take out dumplings and enjoy!!! Also, it is important to share with your friends, because sharing is caring!

It is very interesting to compare how people make dumplings. People come from different places make dumpling in different ways. Most of us have already know how to make dumplings, because we learnt this skill from our parents. However, the diversity in Chinese cultures resultes the different shape of our dumplings. For example, some of us make dumplings into a round shape while others make dumpling that looks like a small boat. Me and Daisy even create a form of dumpling, which we called the sun shape. Even though our dumplings have different shapes, the idea behind dumpling is always the same. The idea, sharing, is the reason that causes the process of making dumpling becomes a pleasurable thing. I remember when I was in China, I always make dumplings with my mother and share dumplings with my grandparents. I admire my mother so much, because she can make dumpling twice speed as mine. Today, I am not working with my mother; instead, I am working with my friends, and it is a completely different feeling. The simple activity became a group working activity. It allows us to discuss the slight difference in our cultures through discussing multiple ways to make dumplings and the variety in the stuffing.

We also appreciate our Cafe staff!  Thank you, Cafe staff, for preparing the stuffing and the dough for us!


Boat shape

Sun shape  

Round shape

From 10:00 to 12:00, it is the time for we do some handicrafts with beads. It is a easy job. We just need to choose the beads that we like and put them into a good combination. Everyone is a great artist. But there are still some accidents during the process. I starts to tired when I do my second bracelet, and I accidentally lose the string and lots of beads fell off. At that moment, I feel like I experience the calamity. Since that, I have to restart my project. I do every step very carefully.    

The other group made the scrub and bracelet, which had been written in the first day’s blog. As you can imagine, it is a very tedious job to weave the bracelet. Dawn even sacrifices her lunch time in order to finish her work. I truly believe that she gets great satisfaction when she finishes her bracelet and put it on her wrist.

Blogger: Selena Hu

Photographer: Selena Hu, and Ria

2nd day: Feb 21, 2018


Today was s the second day of our field academy. In our field academy, everyone will be working on their independent project for the next three weeks, so we went to buy materials from Michaels and Walmart in Riverhead.

Our first stop was at Michaels. For many of us, this was the first time to shop there. The store seemed to have everything we wanted to buy for our project! We spent about an hour looking for all the little things and big things there. Then we moved on to our next stop: Walmart.

My independent project is a reed basket. I looked for reed and scissors…unfortunately, they didn’t have reed, so I need to buy it online. Well, I didn’t have anything else to buy, so bought some snacks for my team.


My friend Lin looked for erasers and carving knives for eraser stamps, which is his independent project.

Finally, we stopped to have lunch at the food court in Tanger Outlet. Everyone bought what they wanted to eat, but we all sat together as small groups.  I got some Chinese food and French fries. We had a great time on our field trip.

William Yin

First Day! Feb 20, Tue

Made by Me- An m-term of self discovery through arts and crafts


Today we all brainstormed for an hour to determine what materials to buy for our field trip tomorrow and what projects we want to make. Some of the projects people decided on included a qipao, a puffy rug, a book, and a jewelry set. All of us began the day by researching the prices and the types of materials so that when we go to Michaels and Walmart tomorrow we will be prepared to purchase items required for our projects completion. 


I have researched how to make a qipao the traditional way and how to embroider dresses. I have never embroidered before so this will be a brand new experience. I love the brainstorming process because it is fun to get excited about ideas and prepare. I am very excited to get started on my dress and I am very interested in seeing how the projects of the rest of my classmates will turn out.   

For our first activity as a group, we made bracelets. Each were made the same way however every one was unique in color and style. Most people had no difficulties working with the string. I on the other hand had a very hard time remembering which side to start on so my first bracelet was a disaster. It was a very fun activity however and we all really enjoyed making them.


For our second afternoon activity, we made hand, face, and body scrubs with Ms. Borsack. First we decorated our jars and then worked in groups of two to make each concoction. Each scrub was made out of all natural cooking items. They were therefore free of all chemicals and even edible! One mixture included a brown sugar scrub for the hands, a peppermint scrub for the body, and an orange scrub for the face. The brown sugar scrub was my favorite because it helped to make my hands really soft upon the first application and it smelled the best.


The other group made beaded bracelets for their first project and dreamcatchers for their second. The beaded bracelets range from delicate and intricate to big and boisterous. The dreamcatchers were made out of sticks and natural looking string. Everyone did a really great job and all the items made today looked like they could be items you would buy from a store! Today was a really great start to this fantastic made-by-me M-Term.


By: India Galesi-Grant