3rd day: Feb 22 Thurs

Today is the first day that we started to do our individual project. In the morning we divided into Group A and Group B again. Group A, which I am in, went to making dumplings first, then we made our beads bracelets later. Group B made the Scrubs first, then they made their bracelets by using threads. 

From 8:00 to 10:00, it is the time for we to make dumplings. Here is steps.

Step 1: put the meat stuffing on the dough 

Step 2: add water on the dough edge to make it wet. 


Step 3: close the dough. 

Step 4: boil water and put dumplings into the pot.

Step 5: After water boils add some water repeat this step three time. 

Step 6: take out dumplings and enjoy!!! Also, it is important to share with your friends, because sharing is caring!

It is very interesting to compare how people make dumplings. People come from different places make dumpling in different ways. Most of us have already know how to make dumplings, because we learnt this skill from our parents. However, the diversity in Chinese cultures resultes the different shape of our dumplings. For example, some of us make dumplings into a round shape while others make dumpling that looks like a small boat. Me and Daisy even create a form of dumpling, which we called the sun shape. Even though our dumplings have different shapes, the idea behind dumpling is always the same. The idea, sharing, is the reason that causes the process of making dumpling becomes a pleasurable thing. I remember when I was in China, I always make dumplings with my mother and share dumplings with my grandparents. I admire my mother so much, because she can make dumpling twice speed as mine. Today, I am not working with my mother; instead, I am working with my friends, and it is a completely different feeling. The simple activity became a group working activity. It allows us to discuss the slight difference in our cultures through discussing multiple ways to make dumplings and the variety in the stuffing.

We also appreciate our Cafe staff!  Thank you, Cafe staff, for preparing the stuffing and the dough for us!


Boat shape

Sun shape  

Round shape

From 10:00 to 12:00, it is the time for we do some handicrafts with beads. It is a easy job. We just need to choose the beads that we like and put them into a good combination. Everyone is a great artist. But there are still some accidents during the process. I starts to tired when I do my second bracelet, and I accidentally lose the string and lots of beads fell off. At that moment, I feel like I experience the calamity. Since that, I have to restart my project. I do every step very carefully.    

The other group made the scrub and bracelet, which had been written in the first day’s blog. As you can imagine, it is a very tedious job to weave the bracelet. Dawn even sacrifices her lunch time in order to finish her work. I truly believe that she gets great satisfaction when she finishes her bracelet and put it on her wrist.

Blogger: Selena Hu

Photographer: Selena Hu, and Ria