4th day: Feb 23rd, Friday

Today we were divided into Group A and Group B again. The work that Group A needed to do was a dream catcher. They stayed in the High school classroom to work on it.

I was the member of Group B and our mission was to make cookies downstairs of senior building.

It was an easier to bake cookies than I thought.

We had many ingredients, such as sugar, flour, eggs, and baking powder.

First, we put soften butter in a bowl and mixed with sugar, then added eggs and vanilla extract. Second, we put flour, salt and baking powder in another bowl. All of them need to be mixed together in one bowl, then kneaded to make cookie dough. After that, we made shape of cookies then put them in oven.  Dawn and I made lots of special shapes, such as person’s face or Chinese and English character. Dawn also tried to make pants. We also made many strange colors of icing sugar.


After we finished all the cookies, Group A came from far away. They put different icing sugars in their own cookies.

In afternoon, we did our independent project.

There was a special event happened… Mami found out the bracelet that she was making was not long enough. The reason why was that Jessica cut strings for Mami and said it’s fit confidently. Mami spent almost half day, but didn’t fit her at the end.


We had cookies for dessert after lunch, and we all enjoyed what we made–but at the end of the class, there were still a lot cookies left. Mami had a “meeting” with us to help everyone find their cookies and told us that we can’t waste.

We finished today by a relaxing wellness class!    

By Alice Ruojia Wang