5th day: Feb 26, Monday

Today during the on-campus course Made by Me, we did something fun!

In the morning, Ms.Borsack and Mami taught us how to make a natural, preservative-free lip balm. We were able to choose what kind of ingredients we want in our personalized lip balm. For example, there were four kinds of oil that we can use for the lip balm, such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil.

And also we can choose what wax we want to put in our product. The original recipe used bee wax, however, if we want to be vegan, we could also choose to use soy wax.

First step of making our own lip balm was to measure out the amount of ingredients by following the recipe. We had a hard time on getting the coconut oil out of the container since it was in a solid form. After we measured out the ingredients, we melted the coconut oil with Shea butter which was also an important ingredient for the moisture of the lip balm. We then added some bee wax into the melted liquid, and we also put a little bit of vitamin e oil. After the ingredients were fully melted and mixed together, we added the essential oil to add a little bit scent into the balm. I chose to add lemon oil.

Once we finished stirring the essential oil into the liquid, we poured our mixture into the lip balm containers quickly because we don’t want it to solidify too fast.

After the lip balm turned into solid, we put on the caps and we decorated the container with little stickers and labels. This was my first time making my own lip balm and it turned out great.

The second group project that we did in the morning was handmade earrings. By following the instructions that Mami mentioned, we started our little designs. Honestly it was much harder than the bracelet that we made on our first day, however, earrings were things that I interested more. I used some of my favorite pinky beads and rose gold wire to create a pair of drop shaped earrings. I got some time left so I also made a matching ring for the earrings. I learned some new techniques for my independent project and I had so much fun today.

by Rena Yu