6th day: Feb 27th, Tuesday

This morning, our group A went to the kitchen in Senior Building to make cupcakes. The ingredients and procedure were written on the white board by Ms. Borsack. We divided into two groups and started to follow the instructions. We made cupcake dough first. We put softened cream butter and sugar together and then used mixer to stir well. After that, we add two eggs into the mixture but one at a time. Then we slowly poured the mixture of baking powder, salt and flour into the paste as well as vanilla extract. “Vanilla makes everything tasty, you can put a little bit more,” Ms. Borsack said.  After a long time mixing, the paste looked stick and moist, which is a good sign for delicious cupcakes. The last thing is put paste into cupcake molds and put them into oven to bake for 18 minutes.

The second part was making cream cheese icing for cupcakes. It was much easier than the process of making cupcake bread. It was just a mixture of soften butter, cream cheese, powered sugar and a little bit more vanilla as always. We just kept mixing then we got white icing. We even modulated pretty colors for some icing in order to decorate the bread colorfully.

For group B, my friends were still working hard on the knitting like yesterday. Some of them wanted to finish knitting their own scarf. I can see it is an extremely hard craft skill and it requires lots of patience. My friends were “tortured” by knitting wool and still trying to figure out. Good luck to them.

As a little comfort, we brought our cupcake to them and enjoyed a little break after this busy morning. We use colorful icing to decorate our own cupcakes and then ate them with Mami’s delicious tea. How nice it was!

At afternoon, we all worked on either our individual project or knitting. I believe we all had a great and productive day

By Dawn Shiya Zhao