7th day: Feb, 28th, Wednesday

Today we made one kind of Japanese popular snacks called Daifuku.

We met Mami and other teachers in High School Building, and after a brief meeting, all the students were separated into two groups, I am in the group two, which is the one to make Daifuku.

We went to the basement in Senior Building and Mami started teaching our group how to do it.
we need strawberry, water, sugar, red bean paste, mochiko rich flour and measuring glass. A recipe of Daifuku is little red bean paste, one piece of strawberry and wrapper.
First, we cut all the strawberries in half skillfully, also we mixed together water, sugar, and rice flour and heated it for two minutes in the microwave oven, after heating we stir it thoroughly. This whole process needs to be repeated few times till it is sticky enough for strawberry and red bean paste to be enveloped inside. We made about 45 for all students and teachers.
In the afternoon I made a leather card holder for my ID. It is not as difficult as I thought, however, it still took me almost all afternoon.