8th day: March 1st, Thursday

Today is the 8th day of us on-campus course, Made by me.

In the morning, as usual, we divided into two groups. Ms. Borsack taught us how to make a natural lip balm with the flavor we favor. We could choose one of the two methods to make our personalized lip balm. They contained different ingredients. We could select different types of wax, base oil, and essential oil. Thus, we divided into two groups again to start our process. Basically, we only have to follow the instructions on the board, and be patient and careful.

Those are the materials we need.

Our group chose to use coconut oil because we thought it can give our lip balms a soft texture and a delicious smell. We also chose bee wax. For people who are vegan, they can choose soy wax if they want. Our group do not have a concern like that, so we only aim to make a better taste lip balm that we will actually use later.

The first step was to measure the amount of ingredients we need according to the recipe. After a hard time of getting Shea butter (since it’s too hard to dig), we got all the materials we need and set them in a beaker. Then, we melt them into liquid with the help of Ms. Borsack. She also suggested us to add a little bit vitamin oil because it can moisturize our lips and provide nutrition.

Since different people want different flavors, we poured the melt substance into different beakers and added the kind of essential oil we liked. I made three of them, one for Ria. I used Lavender, Orange, and Eucalyptus oil with only a few drops because I personally cannot stand fierce scent. Then, we poured them into the lip balm containers quickly before the liquid solidified. It only took two minutes or so to dry out.

Once we finished all those steps, we could finally decorate our lip balms with stickers and wrote our name on it. For almost all the group members, that was our first time to make a personalized lip balm, but we all did an excellent job! We made several extras and gave them to our friends.

During the whole process, I find corporation and discussion very important for group project because the recipe only allow us to make either 8 or 10 once. We have to divide how many lip balms everyone wants, and what kind of job we need to do. If we cannot corporate very well during the process when we are pouring the liquid into the container, they will solidify so fast.

The other group was working on knitting. It is a very complicated project and many people cannot do it very well. Most people felt frustrating and tired of it and some of them even gave up. It might be the most challenging project we’ve ever done. It need patience and persistence. To be honest, even for girls, repeating the same process for a long time is not an easy task. We are mentally and physically exhausted at the beginning of the day. However, many people still tried and started from the beginning again and again, which is impressing.

After 10 a.m., we divided into several stations led by different teachers. Some chose to make a fresher, which is a small bag filled with perfume and spice. I made one with lavender and chrysanthemum flower. It smells so good.

Other people can choose either to keep knitting or making friendship bracelet with Ms. Borsack. Then, in the afternoon, we kept working on our independent project. The whole class was well-organized and quiet, which set up a good atmosphere for us.

–by Daisy Yao Ying