9th day: Mar 2nd, Friday

Because of the bad weather we moved to Senior building basement to started the class. Today we are all working on our independent project. Most of us were knitting our scarf, and everyone was working so hard! It was really cute all of us looked just like grandmothers and grandfathers knitting our scarf. I remember when we learned how to knit from Ms. Sherry, it was really difficult and everybody wanted to give up. But after a few days everyone became so professional, just like my grandmother. Also some people were working on making little bags or clothes using Ms. Borsack’s daughter’s old clothes to reproduce new things. Ms. Borsack also taught some people making friendship bracelets–it looks really fun.

I can’t even believe that we can make so many things by ourselves. Also learned many knitting skills.

Afternoon we had wellness class. We were really tired but we had lots of fun. We did some work out and we also played lots of teamwork games. We played basketball games, and Karen was the MVP today. She beat not only everybody but also the teachers. Love Made by Me field academy so much!!

–Jessica Yun-An Liu