10th day: Mar 5th, Monday

This morning, our class was stuck in the senior building due to the snow, which means the plan of returning to the high school building was not going to work.

The morning group project is “friend bracelet”. This little trinket is made with cotton/wool strings and a button. First, pick in total of four wool strings, they can either be the same color or not, and cut them the same length. After cutting them, make a knot at the not very end of the string. In order to make a “friend bracelet”, only 7 colors are needed, so cut the least favorable color off to make in total of 7 strings that are usable.

then, draw in total of eight short lines on the circle and cut it, the lines needs to be symmetrical, which means, because the circle is divided in four parts, each parts should have three lines. Then, cut a hole that can let the knot go though  cuts count three to the right and fill the empty cut with it, and repeat this step until the bracelet is long enough for someone’s wrist.

At noon, Mami led the class create our own onigiri, it is a traditional Japanese lunch. Onigiri is basically a rice ball filled with many different fillings. The fillings can be either veggies or meats. For our Onigiri, Mamilettuces and cucumbers for the veggies. For the meat part, she prepared tuna with mayonnaise, crab meats, steamed salmon, teriyaki chicken, seasoned ground meat and tamago-yaki. Tamago-yaki is like Japanese style omelette.

“The food listed above are in the same order in the picture from close to far”

–By Leo Di Liu