11th day: Mar 6, Tuesday

The last week of Tuesday has started!

Today we were divided into two groups and made candles. While the first group was making candles, second group was working on the independent project.

Making candle process is like this.

  • Melt soy wax with hot plate.
  • Put some color pencil in the beaker.
  • Stir the material until it melts like Maria is doing
  • Wait until the material cool and then add essential oil. (If you add essential oil when material still hot, essential oil is going to evaporate.)
  • Stick the wick inside the glass bottle.
  • Pour liquid into glass bottle.
  • Fix the wick with a stick.
  • Handmade candle is here!

Candle making master Ms. Mami.

After class, we had ice cream party today!

We ate delicious ice cream instead of took wellness class.

–By Seoyeon Bae