12th day: Mar 7th, Wednesday

Today most of us are working on our independent project, I got the candles that I made yesterday which were good, but still had some problems to fix. Also today is Ms. Borsack’s birthday~

Happy birthday to you.
The Cross-Stich is my project, I choose a really hard, I hope I can finish it before Friday. As you see the house which is made by Karen; I really like it. India decides to do Qipao which is an old dress in China.
The snacks today are most vegetables, the carrots were really good; instead of chips and candies, it’s really nice to change the snacks to vegetables. Thank Mami for bringing and preparing snacks for us everyday!
The wellness today makes us warm and keeps us active.
It’s snowy today which makes people tired, but we still work very hard to approach  the end. Good job, everyone!
And again, Happy birthday to Ms. Borsack!