2nd day: Feb 21, 2018


Today was s the second day of our field academy. In our field academy, everyone will be working on their independent project for the next three weeks, so we went to buy materials from Michaels and Walmart in Riverhead.

Our first stop was at Michaels. For many of us, this was the first time to shop there. The store seemed to have everything we wanted to buy for our project! We spent about an hour looking for all the little things and big things there. Then we moved on to our next stop: Walmart.

My independent project is a reed basket. I looked for reed and scissors…unfortunately, they didn’t have reed, so I need to buy it online. Well, I didn’t have anything else to buy, so bought some snacks for my team.


My friend Lin looked for erasers and carving knives for eraser stamps, which is his independent project.

Finally, we stopped to have lunch at the food court in Tanger Outlet. Everyone bought what they wanted to eat, but we all sat together as small groups.  I got some Chinese food and French fries. We had a great time on our field trip.

William Yin

First Day! Feb 20, Tue

Made by Me- An m-term of self discovery through arts and crafts


Today we all brainstormed for an hour to determine what materials to buy for our field trip tomorrow and what projects we want to make. Some of the projects people decided on included a qipao, a puffy rug, a book, and a jewelry set. All of us began the day by researching the prices and the types of materials so that when we go to Michaels and Walmart tomorrow we will be prepared to purchase items required for our projects completion. 


I have researched how to make a qipao the traditional way and how to embroider dresses. I have never embroidered before so this will be a brand new experience. I love the brainstorming process because it is fun to get excited about ideas and prepare. I am very excited to get started on my dress and I am very interested in seeing how the projects of the rest of my classmates will turn out.   

For our first activity as a group, we made bracelets. Each were made the same way however every one was unique in color and style. Most people had no difficulties working with the string. I on the other hand had a very hard time remembering which side to start on so my first bracelet was a disaster. It was a very fun activity however and we all really enjoyed making them.


For our second afternoon activity, we made hand, face, and body scrubs with Ms. Borsack. First we decorated our jars and then worked in groups of two to make each concoction. Each scrub was made out of all natural cooking items. They were therefore free of all chemicals and even edible! One mixture included a brown sugar scrub for the hands, a peppermint scrub for the body, and an orange scrub for the face. The brown sugar scrub was my favorite because it helped to make my hands really soft upon the first application and it smelled the best.


The other group made beaded bracelets for their first project and dreamcatchers for their second. The beaded bracelets range from delicate and intricate to big and boisterous. The dreamcatchers were made out of sticks and natural looking string. Everyone did a really great job and all the items made today looked like they could be items you would buy from a store! Today was a really great start to this fantastic made-by-me M-Term.


By: India Galesi-Grant