Day Six-Safari written by Annabel Loke

We all woke up at the crack of dawn, ready to see the wild life of South Africa. We had a light breakfast before we took off in open top safari Land Rover. We went out into the reserve of 4,000 hectares of land for the animals to roam free. We started off with looking at zebras and blue wilder beasts, two animals we saw regularly. We went on a hunt for the “big five”, the “big five” consisted of lions, buffalos, giraffes, leopards, and black rhinos. We were in for a treat as we saw a black rhino which was a rare sighting, there are only 5,000 wild black rhinos wild in the world. We saw many animals and it was amazing that we could get to see them up close. Before the safari ride ended we had seen 3 out of the 5 “big five” animals, and many others along the road. The early morning safari only lasted for three hours, when it ended we head back to the game lodge for a big breakfast. We had 7 hours of free time until the afternoon safari, so most of us laid by the pool to soak up some sun. At four, we set out once again to watch the sunset and look for more animals. Right when we started we saw a cheetah, which was rare and Dave our guide told us the sad story of the young cheetah’s life. This cheetah had her mom killed by lions when she was 8 months old and had her sister be killed off by lions as well. Afterwards we went into the reserve to find more animals. Shortly we had found a lion and his family. A family of a mother and father and four little cubs. It was so sweet to see a family together, and they were feasting off a wilder beast. After a while we went to a dam and saw many elephants playing together in the water. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. As the elephants were walking out of the dam, they walked right behind our Land Rover and the tour guide was in shock and told us to sit still as the elephant walked past us. The tour guide said it was very rare to be so up close to a wild elephant. After watching the elephants for a while everyone gathered around an empty space and had some snacks while watching the sunset. Today was incredible and all the sights I have seen were mesmerizing, it is truly something I will never forget.