Day Seven-Safari Day Two written by Clover Kim

Today morning, we woke up early and had a light breakfast before we went on the safari. It was a cold and cloudy day. It seemed like it was going to rain. Maybe because of the weather, we couldn’t see various animals compared to yesterday. But we got to see zebras, deers, wilder beasts, giraffes and an elephant. Lots of zebras and deers were grouped together and stayed between trees. The tour guide told us that they often do that especially in cold days to make themselves feel safe. We also saw a huge group of giraffes, the tour guide told us how to distinguish the gender of giraffes. Also, 2 of baby giraffes were necking, he said it might become quite physical when they grow a little bit more. Later, it started to rain with huge wind. The tour guide provided us ponchos so we could avoid rain. But the strong winds blew many of our caps several times. We headed back to the hotel, had a big breakfast and had free time until 4 o’clock. We couldn’t hangout in the swimming pool or tan our skins due to the weather. So my roommate and I had a long naps instead. We went back on to safari at 4, even though it was still cold, the guide prepared blankets for us to keep us warm. We got to see monkeys, elephant, giraffes, white rhinos and bunnies. We were so pleased to see white rhinos because there was a baby rhino jumping around and we thought it was so adorable. The clouds were cleared out and the sun came out. Luckily we got to see beautiful sunset again, we had a little snack time near a beautiful lake. The reflection of the lake on the surface was very pretty. We came back to the hotel after the sunset. We had last great night at Bayala hotel.

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    • Absolutely and if you notice the rhinos do not have horns because they’re dehorned by the safari owners to prevent poaching.

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