Day 10-Thanda Project written by Sam Qin

As high school students who comes from different part of the world, it is our privilege to come to Africa experiencing a different culture. Today, March 1st, is our second day with Thanda Project organization. We did several interesting activities with the facilities in Thanda and with kids from different grades. A veteran called Eugene gave us a wonderful speech at first. He joined the military since he was 17 years old. Eugene shared some heroics and impressive stories with us. The main point is that the war is fully of absurdity. There was a lot of paradox in the war that people look at different perspectives. For example, some people think a height of 5 feet 9 inches as an adult is tall while maybe a basketball player thinks a height of 5 feet 9 is very short; people in the United States called the Vietnam War while Vietnamese called it the American War. As human beings who never went to a war, we do not know what exactly is a war like. Same as viewing a culture, something you heard is never the same as something you observe. Interacting with the local is the most efficient method to get rid of the stereotypes and identify a culture in a objective way. We realize it is our pleasure to meet with the kids in Thanda.

In the afternoon, we hung out with the 2nd and 3rd graders helping them learn the idea of what is sequence. Furthermore, we cooperated with relatively big kids, working together and creating a dance that express our feeling. We found that they are extremely talented in dancing. We really enjoyed our time with the kids. Although there are some hard time for communication, there are energetic, friendly, and open-minded. We bravely shared and discussed about our thoughts during the sessions. The kids and us have a fun time in addition that we are looking forward to spending time with them.