Day Nine-Obidi Gorge written by Rachel Tao

Today, it is our rest day. In the morning, we went to a beautiful mountain place named Obidi Gorge. We went on a scary bus journey at first because the mountain road is very narrow and our bus had a hard time riding on narrow roads and turning around because of its big body. We went off the bus and had a stretch break by the river. We took a lot of good pictures. The nature is very fresh. We went back into the bus after the teacher figured out solutions. We finally arrived onto the top of the mountain. We enjoyed the great view a lot and it was my first time to eat on such a tall mountain. We could enjoy the beauty of nature and good taste food at the same time. I ordered rump steak. I think lamb curry is the best one. The cafe name is Leopard Rock cafe. The family who owned this cafe are very nice and they had a very cute puppy named Ladybug.

In the afternoon. We went back hotel and went to the beach. I told Mr. B the sea view is the most beautiful one I have seen. I like the special feel when I was embedded in the blue sky, ocean and South African colorful culture.