Day Fifteen-Cape Town Townships written by Hitomie Irie and Marlon Liu

Today we visited four Cape Town Townships where people run various projects and businesses for sustainability. The first place we visited was a garden in a primary school called Ikhaya. In the primary school, they started gardening project in 2013 and they have been keeping their garden until now. Their purposes for the gardening are to get their sources and giving inspirations to kids. Their main philosophy is that nature is foundation of everything and humans are losing connection with nature. So, they believe that gardening is the best way to connect human and nature. In their garden, they also are focusing on recycling. They reuse everything that can be use for planting such as plastic bottles or milk packs. Also, they have ping pong table in their garden and the reason why they have the table is that to give interest in their garden to kid. The table has paintings which were painted by kids and the garden helped kids to have ideas for paint by giving them some inspiration. Through this project, they made us to think that we should appreciate nature around us and care about our environment by reusing everything that can be used again. The second place that we visited was called eKhaya eKasi which was for woman project. They make profits by selling handmade crafts such as necklaces, small arts, bracelets, and dolls. They get the materials from Cape Town and often promote their goods by attending events and markets. And after they collect money, they send the money to their woman house and community around them to support their lives. We learned from their busines that we should find what we can do to other people who need help.

After lunch, we went to an Islam style shrine. This shrine is of great historical significance. It is a reminder of the rich legacy of forerunners of the Ahli-Sunni-wai-Jamaa’ah in South Africa. At there, we met local ceramic maker. He talked us something about South Africa and some of his ideas. He explained to us that in South Africa half of the kids cannot go to school and part of them will drop out school when them around 11 years. Those kids cannot stay in school, they will go to find a job to help their family. However, that is not those kids’ error, this society and this community influenced those kid. Also, he said something that I agreed with. First, he said: “I have nothing but I have everything.” That meaning they have nothing in the begging but they use their own power made their life batter. Like South Africa, they let more people want to came to here and travel around this country! Also, he himself used ceramic to help people and made his life better. Second, he talked to us a lot of people when they became rich they never move their house, but they will rebuild their house and made it better. Because the home meaning is where you stay and who stay with you or around you, that is home. I am totally agreed with him. In the end, we saw and play some ceramic drum. He made those drum and sale those.

After that we went to an after-school sports program and a lot of kids came here after school. Because their parents do not have time to stay with them after school. Those kids can play soccer, cricket, basketball, rope skipping at here. Also, we have a soccer game with those local kids.