Day 6 by Cristina

Today was a simple day. We woke up early, and had our usual breakfast. It was raining pretty heavily in the morning so we couldn’t build the basket ball court as planned but we still went to the after school program to play with the children. Since our morning was slightly delayed by the rain we didn’t have to rush out of the house so quickly, so since we all woke up at 8 and were now told that we were leaving at 12, we all went back to bed. When we boarded the bus we drove to the Hoops 4 Hope center. We had a delicious lunch prepared to us by Fiona, the manager of Hoops  4 Hope wife. We had chicken, squash, rice, mixed vegetables and fruit. After our lunch we played knock out on the little brick driveway, until it was time to go. When it was time to go we hoped on the bus again and drove for nearly an hour to the after school program. The ride was tiring but every time we ride the bus we all see different people and different environments. We drove past vast corn fields and along long highways. On the sides of the road local venders were selling everything from tomatoes to car parts in their small, homemade stand up shops in which they made them selves out of wood and plastic bags. The road was flooded with water and the amount of trash drifting along the streets were amazing. Clumps of trash floated along the water into the farm land and into the dirt sidewalks. We drove past factories and more slums, until we reached our destination. When we pulled up we were greeted by native dancers who played the drums, maracas and horns. They danced in their fur and feather costumes for 2 hours with us and the children. They taught us fun dances and songs. Later we went outside and played basket ball and sand songs and danced. Being with the children is always such a fun experience because they are always so energetic and loving. After hours of singing and dancing we drove back home and relaxed and showered before dinner. We ordered in Thai food and Hailey, Luis and I went out to go pick it up. It took a really long time to get since the order was huge , but when we got home everyone enjoyed their meals and we all settled in bed to rest for the next big day.