Day 7 by Adriana

Today we went to restore a basketball court for the kids, we painted it red and we drew the lines. We played with the kids and we helped build the court. After that we went to another school, in the town where our jv basketball coach, Levi Mwanza is from. The kids were all playing basketball, we played songs and games with them, and we also ate lunch there. Some of the kids helped build trees for the community, and Mark said that we should come back after ten years to see all of the trees that we planted grown. We also got the privilege to see a marching band that came to the school to greet us and made a marching performance for us. The kids in the marching band were really talented and they were really excited to meet us. We also got a warm welcomed from the kids who wrote posters for us. It was really cute. After that we played more games with the kids and then later in the day the older kids started to play basketball with Nygel. Nygel also coached the kids and taught them basketball skills. The kids were already really good at it and they really enjoyed Nygel’s coaching. After that we gather around we said goodbye to the kids and to mark and we drove back to the lodge.