Day 8 by Jenna and Ben

Today we visited the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe. The main focus of the gallery was Mugabe’s forced retirement. We saw many photos of the streets of Harare flooded with happy faces protesting about their government for the first time in over 30 years. It was amazing to see the emotions of people who have never been able to walk through the streets of their own city in protest. The gallery had presented short videos and documents to represent this important moment. Other than the art and photos that has to do with the movement, there were paintings and statues. After we were done looking at the gallery, we headed downstairs to the gift shop. The gift shop offered numerous items such as shirts, magazines, key chains, and jewelry.

After our morning at the gallery, we visited a local school to play a competitive game of five on five full court basketball. There were two games, a boys game and a girls game. The girls team from the local school was very well prepared and unfortunately beat our girls team easily. After that, some of the boys from the varsity team (myself included), played against their under 16 team. It was a very close game and we each took turns having the lead to the game. Towards the end, the local team started to dominate and beat us by a close 4 points. It was so much fun to play against kids from a different country who love basketball as much as we do.