Day 10 by Alex

Unfortunately, today was our last day with the amazing people that work for Hoops4Hope because we built lifelong friendships throughout the week. We played a couple of basketball games at an indoor/outdoor court. It was H4H vs. Ross then  other local kids played as well. The feeling of playing basketball in a different country gets more surreal everyday. A television station cane to film the games and interviewed Ally and Ben after the games. They asked them about their experience was on the trip, as well as if they think that people from Zimbabwe are talented. They answered with talking about how incredible the experience was and how playing with kids and seeing smiles on all of their faces was so contagious.  They also said that it was very impressive how the kids work so hard and grind on the court even if it is blazing hot outside. Afterwards, we left to prepare for a party at the H4H center. The whole night was filled with music, dancing, and heartfelt goodbyes. I presented my ukulele, signed by everyone on the trip, to Ngoni and the H4H team. After countless meaningful hugs and goodbyes, we went home and packed for tomorrow, awaiting our next adventure.