Day 11 by Luisa

Today we came to Imire Rinos and Wild Life Conservation Center. Firstly we had breakfast at Ballentynes Lodge and went to the kids orphanage for the last time to say goodbye. We played with the kids for about one hour and their  big smiles were priceless. and then took the bus to Imire, during the way we had the change to experienced unique moments, the railroad is completely different then the ones we are used to, to get to the lodge we had to pass inside a river with the bus.

When we got at the lodge we had lunch and in the afternoon we went on a safari in which we had the chance to see and feed amazing animals such as elephants, rhinos, antelopes, monkeys. After that we had an experience climbing a rock – the chiefs of the communities used to stay up in the rocks to see when the enemies were coming – in which we were able to appreciate a wonderful view of the sunset and the nature in Imire.