Day 9 by Sam

Today was a much different day then usual. We started off our day waking up and eating a delightful breakfast at the lodge. After breakfast and our brief meeting about the plan for the day we headed out and went shopping in the Sam Levy shopping center. We were able to walk around for a short amount of time until we headed to our next activity for the day. We arrived at the flea market where we were able to look at some of the locals personal work that was for sale. Some things that we saw were necklaces, bracelets and many other art works. All of the people that had shops at the flea market were very “pushy” in wanting you to look at there items , saying things such as “come in just take a look” or “come in here your friends are this way”. Also many of the sellers were willing to negotiate prices but some were very “closed doors” to negotiate certain items. After going to the market we went and completed are final activity of the day which was building a court at a local school. Sadly, due to rain, we were only able to fix up some holes in the court but it was a great experience to fix up the basketball for the kids. Some of us were even able to write are names in the cement which was pretty awesome. Overall it was a pretty influential and inspiring day.