Day 12 by Naya

This Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30am to walk with the elephants and rhinos in there natural habitat. We all experienced the same things that these creatures do in the wild, but are split up into two groups so it’s easier to handle when around wild animals. After seeing the elephants and rhinos we went to the top of a hill to look over the beautiful land around us infested with all different types of wild animals, when having breakfast at this spot a herd of buffalo and one elephant came running in right in front of us while still eating, they said this elephant didn’t get along with the rest of the other elephants but instead was interested in the herd of buffalo and has been with them for a long time and is not sure if it’s identity. After breakfast we went to a community and learned about their culture, we also learned how to milk a cow and plow a field. Then, they gave us some of their corn, the consistency was soft and chewy. After going to the community, it was time for lunch. The site was looking over a river with elephants in front of us and people feeding them by hand. After lunch, we went to help the wild life rangers clean up a site deep in the woods. There were two jobs. One was knocking down walls with hammers, and the other was picking up pieces of wire. The purpose of this was so eventually they could turn it into a place were animals could go graze on more open fields. In between all of these adventures, we would take our time looking around to see all of the different types of animals and landscapes. After the long day, we came back to the lodge had dinner and had the rest of our night to ourselves to relax and recover.