Day 13 by Felipe

Today the group woke up at 6:15 and went to the ride. People were divided in two groups. The first saw the black rhinos in their natural habitat, grazing. While the  second group trained the elephants to train tracking the poachers. Later, everybody came back to the lodge and had breakfast. After that, the group gathered at the big rock and climbed it and then the guide taught us how to make fire with wood. Afterward, the group had lunch, packed the suitcases and went to the bus. In late afternoon, the group reached the lodge and rested until dinner time. Hoops 4 Hope crew came to the hotel to have dinner with the group and after it Ngoni and some students made beautiful speeches about the wonderful experience we had and there was a exchange of flags with some greetings from both, Hoops 4 Hope and Ross students.