Day 15 by Sofia

Today was sadly our last day in Zimbabwe. We left the hotel this morning at around 7:15. We hopped in three separate cars and started driving to our destination, the Zambezi River to go canoeing.  It was about an hour drive until we finally reached our launching point.  The tour guides gave us a safety talk, which filled everyone with a rush of adrenaline.  They told us that we might encounter crocodiles or hippos. This made me a bit anxious at first, but once I was in the canoe the thoughts left my mind. All I could think about was the amazing landscape that surrounded us.  During our excursion, we saw a large crocodile resting along the Zimbabwe shore, as the river separates it from Zambia. We later came across a herd of elephants bathing in the river. Pearl thought that seeing the elephants in the wild for the first time was “amazing, especially because they were in such a large group.” After two hours of fun on the river, we ended our adventure with lunch in the bush.  We were treated to various different meats for lunch including steak, chicken, and crocodile. We stayed there for a while to wind down before we departed for Victoria Falls.  When we arrived, as soon as the falls came into view, my breath was taken away. There are no possible words to describe the power and beauty of this waterfall. Nygel described Victoria Falls as a “sight to behold.”  After exploring the area, we drove to our hotel to rest before a night out for dinner.

Day 14 by Oleg

At 6:30 a.m., we woke up, packed our bags, had a quick breakfast and were on the bus by 7:30. Upon arriving at the airport, we met for the last time with our friends from Hoops4Hope. I was very sad leaving this beautiful place. Those strong feelings of friendship mean much more than anything as they stay with you forever. Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of time as our flight was soon. After an hour on the plane, we approached Victoria Falls. You could already see the cloud of water coming from the fall and the enormous area of the national park. That evening, we had the chance to wonder around this park with a safari guide. It took us three hours just to see a small part of this wonderful animal kingdom full of danger, experiences and emotions. The evening was very chill. It started with a BBQ and ended with an impromptu pool party. It was one of those days where a range of feelings and emotions would fill our souls.