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For my senior project I made a film that explores how the Kurds went about dealing with problems following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s government. His reign is seen by many Kurds as a dark era in terms of human rights. The Kurds began prospering and rebuilding a fragmented nation and creating a strong region while the rest of Iraq still lays in ruins. The film also looks at how they’re looking to tackle future problems and deal with them as they build the nation they always aspired to have. I also wrote a 7 page paper that briefly documents the history of Kurdistan as it leads up to the present day.

Link to Film:

Link to Paper:

Kurdistan: An Emerging Nation

Student: Abdullah Al Samarai
Mentor: Debra McCall
Domains: History, Media
Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sacks

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

Works Consulted

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