Bone Marrow Donation

My Senior Project is a detailed history of bone marrow, with the overall goal of my project being to inform and encourage people to become bone marrow donors! My project is divided into four distinct parts: The location and purpose of our bone marrow; a list and brief explanation of the diseases that need bone marrow donation in order to survive; some real experiences of patients and donors, and an explanation of  the bone marrow donation in its entirety. 


Bone Marrow Donation

Student: Carolina Di Domenico
Mentor: Kimberly Borsack
Domains: 90% Science; 5% Visual Arts; 5% Technology
Faculty Grader: Andrew Kirk

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

My exhibition night was really calm, since my final products are a power point presentation with all the information as well as flyers to promote the idea of becoming a donor. People did not have the time to really stop and read it all or hear me present it all. There were some people that were really interested in the matter, and other people were entirely misinformed of the process of bone marrow donation before hearing my presentation. That kind of made me happy about the topic I had chosen, because I realized that people really were miss informed!

My presentation was really cool and easy; the complete opposite from what I had imagined! It was an amazing experience to talk about all my process and really think about all the things I learned and my experience as a whole. I just wish I could have had more time or even a separated presentation to talk about my product itself as well as bone marrow donation.

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