Alaska: Flying Over Denali

As we reached our last day in Alaska, a group of twenty students and teachers decided to venture out and enjoy a small plane ride tour over the dramatic Alaska Range and especially Mount McKinley. When we reached the runway we stood in awe of the beautiful Alaskan landscape. As the first plane came in sight, the students rushed to grab good footage of the landing. Jon Nierenberg, our guide for the week, arranged for the two small planes to fly down from Fairbanks and land on a tiny runway with no terminal at all. An abandoned cabin and an unused RV were the only objects in sight. After the tiny planes landed, we boarded and took off. The mountains of Alaska were even more breathtaking from this point of view. We all sat in silence as we took in every minute of these outstanding sights. Snow covered peaks and giant glaciers were laid out below us. The plane ride was so relaxing and peaceful, with the sound of the engine running and the warm air inside the plane, some students even dozed off, later calling it the most expensive nap they will ever take. We flew around the tallest peak in North America and the pilot even flew close to the sides of the mountain so we could feel the wind pushing the plane around. After a dramatic hour and a half flight, both planes landed safely and we rushed back to the Touch of Wilderness B&B to pack our things as we were heading for our flight from Fairbanks to Seattle and our next adventure.


Dillon Kab

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