California: Ross Student Cook-Off

Today I awoke to Skelly’s torture for the second day in a row (yesterday it was cold water, this morning a super duper loud wakeup call and a bunch of dirty dishes to wash from last night’s dinner). Ask anyone, I am not a morning person and there is a very specific protocol you have to adhere to in order to wake me up. Most people don’t have the skill set. Lucky for Skelly, he can be equally as intimidating as me in the morning when needed, but the rest of the time he’s just a goof.

 Yesterday was a long travel day as we left Fairbanks at 1:15 am, flew to Seattle and then landed in Los Angeles around 9:30 am. We then had to pick up the RV’s and buy camping supplies so we did not actually arrive at the Malibu RV Park until after dark. We woke up to a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and realized that we were not in Alaska anymore! After the dishes were washed, we started our Great Student Cook-off Competition! Here’s how it all went down – Ariel’s dad was nice enough to buy us lots of ingredients (Lobster, Steak, Shrimp and much more) and the teachers set up five different buckets with random ingredients like radishes, clementines, scallops or Spam. Each RV drew numbers out of a hat to decide who would cook what. After all of the ingredients were distributed, we had three hours to prepare our dishes and we were required to use every ingredient in our buckets, plus a few “free items” such as salt, pepper, olive oil and charcoal for the grills. Things got very competitive very fast. Each RV team had to bring our completed dishes to the judges by 1:00pm. Our team members were me, Ariel, Jackie, Sabrina, Dillon, Tristan, Maria, Big Kitty, and Jodie and we chose the bucket with steak, mushrooms, potatoes, bacon, Spam, onions, garlic and fennel. We organized ourselves extremely well as the majority of us were experienced “chefs”; we even cleaned as we went! The RVs were extremely cramped to cook in, but we all got along and worked together seamlessly, while some of the other teams had very heated arguments and we heard a bit of screaming. In the end it all worked out and turned out to be nothing more than a fun, healthy competition. Some of us had relatives that live nearby including alumna Julia Greenberg ‘08 and my cousin Jake who were invited for lunch and they turned into our celebrity guest judges. Our final score was based on appearance, taste, and how well we used our “surprise” ingredient (ours was Spam). The boys (Dan’s team) got really creative and displayed their food beautifully on really big leaves they found (and cleaned) in the campground and they came in first place; our team placed a close second. We felt very successful and we all had a great time.

 Later that day, the LA/Malibu area had some heavy rain-showers, which were greatly appreciated by everyone in the campground! It even included a beautiful double rainbow that everyone photographed. Last, but not least, we had a special dinner for Ariel and Dan’s birthdays (both turning 18!) at Typhoon Restaurant, which was really fun and delicious. Overall, it was a very packed, exciting and special day.

Julia Edelman

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know – how did you incorporate Spam into your dishes?

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