California: Living in the RV’s


One of the great parts of this trip is traveling in a group of six thirty-one-foot RV’s from El Monte RV rental. Spending time in the RVs is by far the most exotic experience of our trip as it is a way of living that none of us were familiar with and we needed to get used to it in some way, whether we liked it or not. The learning we gained from this experience and the adjustments we had to make in order to get used to the RV is what made it fun.


The RV is in general really well planned; it can shelter many more people than it looks like and we had to learn the techniques to turn the vehicle from a sleeping place to a form of transportation. The challenges were not few; we had to handle being with many people in a tiny space for a long time. The organization of the place was really difficult due to the lack of space to put our stuff. But when we stopped you can push a button and part of the wall moved out on both sides to give more room. Each time we moved, we had to clean up our mess so we could push in the sides to drive around. One of the RV’s was just for the photographers who are traveling with us, one was for the teachers and two were for the boys and two were for the girls. Each day we would go out to shoot and then end up in an RV park for the night. Some were really beautiful like the one in Malibu; others were kinda sketchy with people living permanently in their RV in the middle of nowhere. One night we even slept in the parking lot of a big Wal-Mart. You can do this when you travel in your house. Each night we would cook dinner and all eat together. The last night in the Sequoia RV Park we had a beautiful campground, cooked Jamaican food and sat around a big bonfire. Each person had to say what they liked about the trip and what they were looking forward to in Mexico.


The interesting part was that once everybody got used to it, our group became more united. Even though there were complaints in the beginning of the experience, we are now able to say we had a really fun time.

Maria Adriano-Mekdessi