Almunecar – Friday, March 10th

IMG_2851IMG_2861IMG_2819IMG_2870IMG_2855IMG_2661 IMG_2663 IMG_2696 IMG_2718 IMG_2779 IMG_2798IMG_2872Today we visited a high school to meet the local Spanish kids. We ate breakfast with them and practiced speaking Spanish while they practiced speaking English. They were really nice and welcoming. Some of the kids even played basketball and soccer with us. We went to the beach with them afterwards and some of us jumped into the water with our clothes on. We all dried up in the sun and talked about what we did back home. We really got to know them and exchanged numbers. Next we walked to a restaurant called El Tinao and the food was good. It was really fun to talk with our friends. The bus picked us up after lunch and drove us to Almunecar where we went on a scavenger hunt and explored the Castle of San Miguel, which had been occupied by Romans, Moors and then Christians. The castle was huge and very old. The balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was amazing.

After, in order to catch the bus we had to run through the whole city while the locals stared at us. After getting on the bus we went back to El Tinao for a traditional Spanish dinner. Then we walked back to the Hotel and got some rest for the next day ahead of us. All of us were amazed by what we learnt today about Spain’s traditions, landscape, culture and beauties. It was an amazing, busy day of non-stop activities. The buildings and monuments we saw were all very intricate and special in their own ways.

-Ramiro Taylor and Robert

New York to La Herradura – Tuesday/Wednesday, March 7th / 8th

IMG_0481 IMG_0473

Yesterday we arrived at school at normal time, and then started the day by taking time to finish our presentations and prepare for our departure for Spain. After we grabbed lunch at school, we got on to the bus and drove to JFK. Getting into the airport took a surprisingly short amount of time, so we used up the rest of it to grab some snacks and some last minute items. Soon enough, we were boarding our 6-hour flight to Dublin. A lot of kids had a hard time sleeping and only got around 0-2 hours of sleep. After what felt like 12 hours, we landed and began to head towards our lay over to Malaga airport. We soon realized we were in the wrong terminal and had to run over to the correct one (Which happened to ALL the way across the airport) with only 5 minutes to spare. Thankfully, we made it on to our flight. A lot of us had an easier time sleeping on this flight instead of the first one. The lack of sleep was definitely hitting us, but we powered through the day. Once we arrived in Malaga, we were greeted by our tour guides for the trip, and began the fifty minute drive to La Herradura, where we are staying. We had some time to put our things in our rooms, and then we left for a walk through town. After grabbing a quick bite of ice cream at a local shop, we headed to an old castle, where we had a buffet style lunch, got to explore, and got to know our guides. After lunch, we embarked on a steep hike to the highest point in La Herradura, where we could play soccer, basketball and meet a couple of the local kids. After soccer, the plane, and the hike, we all felt tired and disgusting, so we took some time to shower and change. Once everyone was ready, we headed to our next activity, which was a guitar workshop. While in the workshop, we learned the process of making Spanish guitars, the various types of wood used to make guitars, and a little background on the shop owner. When we were finished, we went to dinner at a local restaurant where we had a choice of appetizers, entrées, and dessert, which were all amazing. At the end of the evening, all we wanted to do was sleep, considering we hadn’t slept much for the past 24 hours. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I’ve never fallen asleep so fast. As tired as we were, we still had an amazing day getting to know the people of La Herradura and the town itself.

Emma and Evvy

IMG_0304 IMG_0321 IMG_0301

Frigiliana – Thursday, March 9th


Today was our first full day in Spain. It started early at 7:30 when we grabbed breakfast at the hotel. We got to try a typical Spanish dish called tostado con aceite y tomato. This dish is essentially toasted bread with an olive oil and tomato spread. After breakfast, we took to Frigiliana, which was one of the last Moorish strongholds during the Reconquista. There, we walked through the town’s narrow streets and eventually made our way up to the mountains we would be hiking.

As we walked up the steep streets of the village, we passed a church that was converted from a mosque to a church. It had an ancient water fountain in front that is still in use. Then we got to the mountain. We walked along the aqueducts and all was easy until we needed our harnesses. Then we began to scale the side of the mountain with careful footwork. At times, our gear was an essential as we were 300 feet up, but mostly we relied on our balance and mindset of not looking down. We all overcame our fears of heights while hiking and got to see a few snakes.

Later, we got to sail like Phoenicians and jump into the 55-degree Mediterranean Sea. After that, we picnicked on the boats and watched the sunset. Today was a great day and hopefully there will be more to come.

Leah, Greer, Catalina & Lilah