Pheonician Exploration & Jellyfish Research- Saturday, March 11

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Today, our plan was to split into two groups, and rotate between two activities

This morning, we were allowed to sleep in until 8:30 AM. We had a quick breakfast, and then divided into two groups at the beach. Group 1 was to go kayaking around the local coasts. Group 2 was to go explore a jellyfish aquarium.

Excited but barely awake, Group 1 walked down the beach to a green hut where we met our kayak guides. After preparing our kayaks and bags, we set out along the rocky coastline, exploring La Herradura’s diverse aquatic environment. The highlights of today circled around the theme of Andalucía’s flora and fauna. Our kayak trip illustrated the vast range of aquatic life and lush Spanish pirate history. We explored caves, saw tropical fish and plants, and most importantly, we all got a sick farmers tan.

After our kayak trip we went to see an oceanographer who was in her third year of achieving her PhD.  She was studying the movement and attributes of jellyfish in this area of the Mediterranean. We helped her gather some plankton for her jellyfish. We also learned how pollution is killing off a lot of their predators so the jellyfish population has been steadily rising. This is why we need to preserve balance in our ocean to stop the death of natural predators.

– Quintin and Hunter