Farming, Cooking & Flamenco in Maro- Sunday, March 12

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In the morning, we were split into three groups and given a map to find our guide who was located on the other side of the town of Maro. He was next to an old sugar cane processing plant. Once we found him, he gave us pictures of plants that we had to find on our way to the beach. When we got to the beach we played a fun game, explained to us by our guide.

After we went to the beach, we headed over to our guide’s farm. The three groups competed in a challenge of who could make the best paella. The teams were split into those who were making the paella and those who had to create a garden with fresh produce. The paella makers were given freshly grown ingredients to cook with. First they diced up a ton of delicious vegetables and mixed them with olive oil, water, spices, and rice in a pan. The farming group chose a layout for their farm plot that they would create. They then dug out rows of dirt to plant the different plants including tomatoes, strawberries, and leeks. After finishing the paellas, we started the contest with the teachers and guides as the judges.  Caly, Emma, Marnie, Catalina, Greer, Ben, Jackson and Colin’s paella won the contest! After that everyone else got to enjoy the homemade food.

After our learning experience of cooking and farming we walked to a class where we learned the basics of flamenco dancing. It was interesting to see how much they used their arms and feet and how amazingly advanced and talented all the dancers were. Even the kids were incredible to watch. They danced with a fan, a special outfit, and shoes. They were also amazingly passionate about what they were doing. After the Flamenco class, we had some free time before a delicious dinner at El Tinao back in La Herradura.

– Marnie, Caly, Harper & Ben