Pampaneira, Alpujarra- Tuesday, March 14

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We woke up and went to breakfast at the hotel we stayed at for one night. The food was set up as a buffet. Breakfast consisted of many different foods such as toast, crepes, cereal, and more.

After breakfast we split into three groups. One group at a time went down into the mountain village where we explored some of the local shops. The first shop was “El secreto de jamón,” which is a small meat shop with a very nice owner. The next shop was owned by a nice elderly woman. She weaved blankets, scarfs, tapestries and many more detailed weaved works of art. The final shop was a chocolate shop. We tried many different samples of chocolate, including several interesting flavors that we have never tried or heard of before. Most of them were really good.

After we had bags full of food and weaved art, we headed over for lunch. We all walked up to a small pizzeria up the mountain while it rained on the paved rocks. The choices of pizza were jamon y queso and margarita. After we had a fun lunch of many different pizzas, we piled onto a bus where we drove back to La Herradura. After the hour and a half long drive, we settled down to our original hotel. We were given a few hours of free time before we had to go to dinner at El Tinao.  After dinner we went home in the dark to go to bed and prepare for a day of travel.

By Elyse and Jackson