Frigiliana – Thursday, March 9th


Today was our first full day in Spain. It started early at 7:30 when we grabbed breakfast at the hotel. We got to try a typical Spanish dish called tostado con aceite y tomato. This dish is essentially toasted bread with an olive oil and tomato spread. After breakfast, we took to Frigiliana, which was one of the last Moorish strongholds during the Reconquista. There, we walked through the town’s narrow streets and eventually made our way up to the mountains we would be hiking.

As we walked up the steep streets of the village, we passed a church that was converted from a mosque to a church. It had an ancient water fountain in front that is still in use. Then we got to the mountain. We walked along the aqueducts and all was easy until we needed our harnesses. Then we began to scale the side of the mountain with careful footwork. At times, our gear was an essential as we were 300 feet up, but mostly we relied on our balance and mindset of not looking down. We all overcame our fears of heights while hiking and got to see a few snakes.

Later, we got to sail like Phoenicians and jump into the 55-degree Mediterranean Sea. After that, we picnicked on the boats and watched the sunset. Today was a great day and hopefully there will be more to come.

Leah, Greer, Catalina & Lilah

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  1. As a parent I am so happy that Ross kids have this opportunity to learn in such an exciting way, build up friendship and have fun, all at the same time!
    Marina Badilla

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