New York to La Herradura – Tuesday/Wednesday, March 7th / 8th

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Yesterday we arrived at school at normal time, and then started the day by taking time to finish our presentations and prepare for our departure for Spain. After we grabbed lunch at school, we got on to the bus and drove to JFK. Getting into the airport took a surprisingly short amount of time, so we used up the rest of it to grab some snacks and some last minute items. Soon enough, we were boarding our 6-hour flight to Dublin. A lot of kids had a hard time sleeping and only got around 0-2 hours of sleep. After what felt like 12 hours, we landed and began to head towards our lay over to Malaga airport. We soon realized we were in the wrong terminal and had to run over to the correct one (Which happened to ALL the way across the airport) with only 5 minutes to spare. Thankfully, we made it on to our flight. A lot of us had an easier time sleeping on this flight instead of the first one. The lack of sleep was definitely hitting us, but we powered through the day. Once we arrived in Malaga, we were greeted by our tour guides for the trip, and began the fifty minute drive to La Herradura, where we are staying. We had some time to put our things in our rooms, and then we left for a walk through town. After grabbing a quick bite of ice cream at a local shop, we headed to an old castle, where we had a buffet style lunch, got to explore, and got to know our guides. After lunch, we embarked on a steep hike to the highest point in La Herradura, where we could play soccer, basketball and meet a couple of the local kids. After soccer, the plane, and the hike, we all felt tired and disgusting, so we took some time to shower and change. Once everyone was ready, we headed to our next activity, which was a guitar workshop. While in the workshop, we learned the process of making Spanish guitars, the various types of wood used to make guitars, and a little background on the shop owner. When we were finished, we went to dinner at a local restaurant where we had a choice of appetizers, entrées, and dessert, which were all amazing. At the end of the evening, all we wanted to do was sleep, considering we hadn’t slept much for the past 24 hours. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I’ve never fallen asleep so fast. As tired as we were, we still had an amazing day getting to know the people of La Herradura and the town itself.

Emma and Evvy

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