Almunecar – Friday, March 10th

IMG_2851IMG_2861IMG_2819IMG_2870IMG_2855IMG_2661 IMG_2663 IMG_2696 IMG_2718 IMG_2779 IMG_2798IMG_2872Today we visited a high school to meet the local Spanish kids. We ate breakfast with them and practiced speaking Spanish while they practiced speaking English. They were really nice and welcoming. Some of the kids even played basketball and soccer with us. We went to the beach with them afterwards and some of us jumped into the water with our clothes on. We all dried up in the sun and talked about what we did back home. We really got to know them and exchanged numbers. Next we walked to a restaurant called El Tinao and the food was good. It was really fun to talk with our friends. The bus picked us up after lunch and drove us to Almunecar where we went on a scavenger hunt and explored the Castle of San Miguel, which had been occupied by Romans, Moors and then Christians. The castle was huge and very old. The balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was amazing.

After, in order to catch the bus we had to run through the whole city while the locals stared at us. After getting on the bus we went back to El Tinao for a traditional Spanish dinner. Then we walked back to the Hotel and got some rest for the next day ahead of us. All of us were amazed by what we learnt today about Spain’s traditions, landscape, culture and beauties. It was an amazing, busy day of non-stop activities. The buildings and monuments we saw were all very intricate and special in their own ways.

-Ramiro Taylor and Robert