Belize Day 6 – WE STILL CAN’T BELIZE IT! South Water Caye Day One

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Today everyone woke up to the smell of pancakes, syrup, and scrambled eggs, but let’s go back to a little bit earlier in the morning in the boys’ bunk… Around 4:30 A.M., everyone was woken up by the loud sound of Gideon’s dub-step alarm, but eventually everyone fell back asleep. Unfortunately, everyone was woken up AGAIN at around 5:20 because of Siri on Alex’s phone, but that’s a whole other story…

Both the girls and the boys met for breakfast by the Blue Creek River at 6:00. At 7:00, everyone headed towards the bus, which was a quarter of a mile hike through the jungle on a dirt path. Men and children from the village helped us carry our bags to the bus. We said our goodbyes to the people and children that we had met, and headed off to drum lessons. The hour that we were on the bus seemed much longer then the 4-hour bus ride that we had the other day, but at least there wasn’t any annoying singing in the back of the bus.

When we arrived at the drum lessons, we divided into 2 groups; group one had their lesson first. Group two would have the luxury of hanging out at the beach for an hour. When group one was done with their lesson, they switched so they could hang at the beach, while group two had a drumming lesson. Both groups learned drumming techniques, and had a great time. Group one, (believe it or not,) was taught by the best drummer in Belize. We then got to see a performance by the drumming senseis, or teachers for those of you that don’t speak Spanish.

After, we set off on the bus again to stop at a supermarket and get a bunch of unhealthy food. Once on the bus again, we headed to a port to get on a boat that would take us to South Water Caye.

The one hour ride to South Water Caye seemed like five minutes because of the fun we had on the speed boat. When we arrived, we met a guy named Richard who toured us around the island. After, we unpacked in our bunks we then went swimming in the ocean with different shades of blue. We had about two hours of free time until we had dinner. After dinner, the owner of IZE himself gave us a lecture about the coral ecosystem, and the formation of South Water Caye. We then watched a video that introduced us into the island.


THEN we got to have free time for the rest of the night, only to leave everyone wondering what adventure we would have tomorrow.



-Alex Saunders (The basketball lawd)

-Peter Kim (Who became a Belisian)