Belize Day 7

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Waking up in the morning was similar in both of the dorms. Only a really lame thin wall separated the boys and the girls so you could hear every tiny little noise made by either of the dorms. They both woke up to me, James, saying, “Why are none of you awake?  It’s 6:30,” followed by the thump of someone falling out of their bed.

We ate fried jacks, omelets, and beans with orange juice to drink. After eating we found out that we had two and a half hours of free time before having a snorkeling orientation. We played a lot of volleyball, had a few chicken fights, went out on kayaks and paddleboards, and ate delicious, bursting with flavor Pringles until we left for a half hour of snorkeling.

Once we finished the snorkeling orientation, we had a volleyball tournament. The teams were The Dominators, The Goat Lickers aka Chubaccabras, The Coconuts, and The Headmasters. We never got to the final round.

For lunch we had brownies, chicken with rice, and lemonade. After lunch we ate some more delicious and bursting with flavor Pringles and then left for snorkeling. Snorkeling was the greatest part about the trip, even before eating delicious, bursting with flavor Pringles. While snorkeling we saw a variety of tropical fish including: great barracudas, a school of French angelfish, queen parrotfish, queen angelfish, a mimic octopus, queen triggerfish, blue parrotfish, a stingray, a seahorse, sergeant major fish, a school of tarpon, sea urchins, angelfish, and lots of coral. We even saw the yellowtail damselfish, which Fred had spoken to us about the night before. The hour of snorkeling felt like ten minutes. The Belize Great Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world; something everyone should see before they die. Just like eating delicious, bursting with flavor Pringles.

After snorkeling, Karen realized that she was a fish because she was so pale and tasted like salt. She left her kind in the water, but it was too late. When we got back, we had some dinner before going to a beautiful bonfire. The dinner was mashed potatoes, meatballs, salad, cake, and delicious, bursting with flavor Pringles. The Pringles were sooooooo good and everyone should buy some at your local gas station. At the bonfire we shared fun facts about ourselves, and then learned about Garifuna culture from a guest speaker. We then listened to a drum performance by two of the Garifuna staff, and hung out around the bonfire with high schoolers from Lawrence Academy who are here getting their scuba certification.


By James Mulvey and Alejandra Vivas