Day 12: Meeting our cousins at Semonggoh Nature Reserve

All of us are excited to see the rarest Orangutan. What makes them special is their small population in the wild. The guide has told us to wait patiently. After a moment of silence, a pair of orangutans showed up and approach us from the rainforest canopy.  The little one is cautious of anyone getting close to him. He grabs a banana and immediately gets back where he keeps a safe distance.  The adult mother is more confident to feed near the ranger. She hung from the rope and slowly took the bunch of bananas. Obviously, we enjoyed the moment of feeding. However, the concern is that tourists love to see the feeding. It’s what they pay for. It can be a let down though. If the tourists don’t see the orangutans, it is because the orangutans are able to feed themselves. Some of them do rely on the food from the ranger. The trick is, that if they are fed fruits by humans, it reduces the orangutans’ ability to find food in the wild. These creatures’ reliance on humans prevents them from depending on themselves. Either way, the research and preservation efforts are helped by our visit to the park preserve.


Photo credit: Hazel Wodehouse

Photo credit: Hazel Wodehouse


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