Day 16: Last day in Borneo: Fairy and Wind Caves

Today we woke up around 7am and brought all our baggage to breakfast. We left the Lime Tree Hotel at 8:30 and were on the bus for an hour driving to a cave system. We arrived first at the ‘Fairy’ cave, which involved a lot of stairs (inside and out). It was huge! There is no real way to actually describe just how big it was- it was colossal inside. While there I was trying to imagine how many of my house I could fit inside. About 5. It was really beautiful, lots of stalactites/stalagmites and whatever plants could survive in the near-dark. Next we drove to the ‘Wind’ cave, which was not quite as large, but pitch black and absolutely full of bats. It was slightly smaller than the fairy cave, not that I could really tell because frankly I couldn’t see a thing. Although, when I was shining my flashlight, I saw some birds and their nests along with the bats. Thankfully, no one got pooped on. We ate a small lunch on the ride back to the hotel for the last time. We got back around 1pm, but because we were leaving for the airport at 6 we all dispersed. Some of the teachers renewed their rooms so the kids could shower. After about 4 hours of lazing around, we piled onto the bus and drove to the airport. Our flight out of Kuching left at 8 pm.

~Pearl Brosterman