Day 15: Bako National Park

Today we went we all woke up early because we had to be ready to leave the Limetree Hotel at 7:30am. We took a bus drive to Bako National park where we found 3 cute baby kittens. Then we took a boat ride to go to an island in Bako national park where there was a cafe and many hiking trails. Our hike was 1.2 km and took about an hour and a half because in the beginning we were looking for animals. We saw snakes and monkeys. We even saw 2 pit vipers mating. We also spotted a flying lemur clinging to a tree in its sleep. At the end of the hike we stopped and took a break for 30 min. During this time we climbed rocks and viewed the scenery. We then took a 20 min boat ride to our lunch. During this time a monkey nearly scratched Gui when he got close while taking a photo. This is when we realized the animals are truly wild and . After lunch we had a huge mud fight. It was invigorating and very fun. Kieran was like the terminator getting everybody. We then took a boat ride back to the mainland where we saw rock formations that looked like turtles and snakes. We drove back to the hotel with time left to discover even more of the city of Kuching.

~Diego Vanegas

Pit vipers mating at Bako National Park

Pit vipers mating at Bako National Park


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