Journey to the “Last Frontier”

Borneo is the third largest island in the world, making up only 1% of the world’s land, yet it shelters nearly 6% of all the species on planet Earth! The rain forest and coral reefs surrounding the island rank as the most biodiverse habitats in the world. They are also the most vulnerable and threatened, as mass deforestation, mining, and forest fires have cut Borneo’s original rain forest area in half. As stewards of our planet, students help restore forests by planting trees. They observe critically endangered species, like orangutans, one of our closest primate relatives, and participate in local and global rehabilitation initiatives.

This is a physically challenging and rewarding adventure. Students hike rain forest mountains, zipline over clear tropical waters, river raft, snorkel, and enjoy white sandy beaches. There may be opportunities for scuba diving for those who are certified prior to the trip. Through underwater and seashore exploration, students learn to identify the creatures of the sea and understand the ecological benefits of Borneo’s marine protected areas. In addition to preserving the natural environment, travelers immerse themselves in indigenous cultures. Many of the native tribes of Borneo have preserved and passed down their traditional, sustainable ways of life for hundreds of years. This is impressive in the wave of modernization sweeping the world.

Borneo offers an inspiring example of collaboration between three countries—Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei—which all share the remaining rain forest and must work together to preserve its rich habitat, natural resources, and ancient traditions. Lodging will be a combination of comfortable modern hotels with standard amenities, rustic longhouse dwellings, and brief tent camping. Join us on a life-changing experience to preserve and play in paradise!

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