March 7 by Vika and Lina

On the 7th of March we visited our first Angkorian temple Wat Nokor in the city of Kampong Cham. Surprisingly enough, that temple had few visitors in contrast to the temples in Siem Reap. The structure of the temple is really beautiful, and even though it is not in its best shape you still can see the magnificence of its design and elaborate decorations. Inside of the ancient temple there is a new Buddhist pagoda, which is full of monks trying to give you blessing bracelets for little donation. After the temple we visited the social enterprise “Buddhist for Social Development Action” and we listened to a couple of lectures there. The second presentation was EXTREMELY detailed and it was about the mission of that social enterprise and the way it is connected to Buddhist philosophy. BSDA helps in bringing children from the streets who suffer from HIV, homelessness and other means of oppression. They have established 6 social enterprises that employ and educate these children with the skills they need in order to get a better lifestyle. Actually, for dinner we went to the SMILE restaurant that is one of 6 enterprises established by BSDA. Needless to say, the restaurant had extremely cozy atmosphere with delicious food and friendly waiters. Another awesome point is that we got French Fries (yay American food) and we did not have any rice!!!! And finally a fun fact: Carrie Clark is a great singer!

One thought on “March 7 by Vika and Lina

  1. Your well-written blog posts and Instagram photos jump off the laptop screen, bringing this trip to life! What an eye/heart opening ‘voluntourist’ experience for each of you. Life-changing! I’m proud to know you courageous kids! Teen ambassadors of justice and sustainability in Cambodia–a country that I watched go up in the flames of a senseless war when I was your age. My goodness! Thanks for your kindness to these beautiful people in such a sacred place. Be safe! (Hip batik wrap pants btw!)

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