2 thoughts on “Khmer cooking class.

  1. Ok, Cambodian Field Academy – whatever that is your cooking (Khymer Cooking Class), I want some. What an amazing trip and experience you are having. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog entries and photos. You bring the experiences to life. From solemn walks in the Killing Fields, to temple visits, to building pens for chickens and pigs, to sunset bike rides and swims in the Mekong River – we walk in your footsteps. What a beautiful exchange – you participate and show interest in their life situations, and they share with you their culture and all the activities of social enterprise that they are following to improve and create a sustainable life for the people of Cambodia. I am so impressed with all of the social programs for the needy that you have been exposed to, and their sensitivity to eco programs like renewable energy, waste management. What great lessons in buddhist principles of right speech, right action and right livelihood. I loved that the monks “emptied their cups” on your heads – what a great blessing. Loved the photos. I could see your grins as you moved from bucket showers to mango shakes and hand-showers. You show great respect for your host families and the traditions of feeding the monks. You are wonderful ambassadors and these experiences will help you build a better world that values sustainability and social justice. Thank you soooo much for sharing, and giving us a glimpse of that part of the world – which was isolated and gripped in conflict and tragedy when I was your age. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!! Thank you chaperones!!!

  2. Please blog recipes!! Or bring them home! The food you are preparing looks delicious!

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